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Single payer health insurance is a system by which the health care expenditures of an entire population are paid for through one source.

Distinctly different from socialized medicine (where the government owns and operates health care facilities) a “single payer system” is simply a financing mechanism. The government collects and allocates money for health care but has little to no involvement in the actual delivery of services. Care is provided privately at hospitals and clinics but paid for publicly.

During the summer of 2009, Remote Access Medical, which normally serves the healthcare needs of 3rd world countries, came to the United States to serve a fraction of the 50 million under and uninsured. RAM returned to Los Angeles during the summer of 2010. RAM is always looking for help: Volunteer



SB810 (led by State Senator Mark Leno), the California Universal Healthcare Act, was approved by the state's legislative health care committee. Slated to go to the senate's Appropriation's committee, the decision was made to temporarily suspend it (essentially, 'table' it for now). In the meantime, updated data by the state's Legislative Analyst's Office on cost and savings re the bill should be available around January 2012.

The bill has in the past been vetoed twice by former Gov. Schwartzenegger. The current governor (Jerry Brown) has stated that he is "..willing to listen...". Stay tuned . If ever there were a time to become active, this is it.


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